Breaking Free

Coming out of the womb
straining stretching
breaking free
Everyone speaking with sounds you can't understand
walking straight lines excreting in porcelain bowls
struggling over mysteries of numbers and figures
moving heaven and earth to get into other wombs
smiling at bosses who don't smile back
working with people you distrust
praising people you despise
socializing with people who give you a pain
lifting bundles spinning knobs punching keys
wearing out arms and joints and lungs
worrying about defiant kids taking perilous risks
who move heaven and earth to penetrate the wrong wombs
stuffing acorns in nooks
storing for cold days
disbelieving doctors who pontificate over your suffering
who slice probe stitch your impaired flesh
disbelieving doctors when they hand you your final notice
never achieving the triumph of breaking free
and reaching that wiser happier better place.

--Gerald Zipper