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April 2006 Table of Contents

Columns & Regular Features

Antescript by Carl Bettis
More of the Same: The Anxiety of Competition or "All Those Other Poets" by Philip Miller
The Neo-Modernist: Thoughts on Form by Carl Bettis
Web Notes by Carl Bettis

Fiction & Essays

Being, Nothingness, and Housework by Patricia Lawson


The Same by Philip Miller
After the Wake by Kelly Kealy
(untitled) by ayaz daryl nielsen
Contingency by Graham Duncan
Seizure by Joseph R. Cecil
Born Again by Philip Miller
Dixie Melody by David Lawrence
working title by Karen R. Porter
My Mug by Ryan Miller
Cambridge by B.Z. Niditch
Letter to Marshall About Fire and Time by Fredrick Zydek
Letter to Quate About Alzheimer's by Fredrick Zydek
Driving Home And You, Could Be Lover, Worm In by Donna Biffar
Three from The Viagra Falls Diaries by Harvey Goldner
Pilot by Anselm Brocki
Van Gogh by Raymond Cavanaugh
(untitled) by ayaz daryl nielsen
Flush or Bust by Jason Wesco
Breaking Free by Gerald Zipper
"What Is Your Earliest Memory?" by Carl Bettis
Early to Bed by Jason M. Vaughn
My friends down at the corner by Brian Daldorph
Geography of Survival by D.T. Bolling
message in egg by P.F. Allen
Maiden Voyage by Arthur Gottlieb
Stings by Amanda Auchter
Revelation by M.A. Schaffner
A New Year When Pink is the New Black by Donna Biffar
Kemp by Harvey Goldner
Trout by Trout by Pete Lee
The Vigorous Grass is Quiet Below. by Gerald England
Dessert by Michael Morical
The Saddest River by Gary Lechliter
A Mountaineer on the Job by John Grey
Breakfast on the Patio by Paul Sohar
Light in Mid-May by Pat Durmon
A Long Drive by Steven Brown
Someone Goes Over Old Love Letters by Lyn Lifshin
A Soldier Writes by Greg Moglia
the days, remembered by john sweet
Her White Wedding Dress by David Lawrence
Drive, Drive by M.A. Schaffner
Prairie Life by Jackie Bartley
Happy by Phyllis Becker
The Slug by Carl Bettis
Getting Through a Montana Winter by Thomas S. Rich
The Altered Boys by Dean Ramspeck
Flywheel by Robert Weaver
Chicken(s) by Jason Vaughn
Cry Wolf by Silvia Kofler
Ghost Story by Maril Crabtree
Returning to Missouri from Pennsylvania in February by Philip Miller
Unfamiliar Ceilings by T.K. Komura
At Jane's Dojo by Sari Krosinsky
Spiritualism by Joanne Lowrey
The Prize by Ronald Moran
Four Generations by Phyllis Becker
The Other Fathers by Lyn Lifshin
* by Simon Perchik
Grave Going Sonnet by Donna Biffar
Because I took loans to study poems by Chris Siteman
Nutrition facts by Patrick Dobson
Near by David Trame
El Jefe by Patrick Dobson
warm heaven waits by P.F. Allen
Monochromatism by Joanne Lowrey
Thankful by Anselm Brocki
Heading to my Email Box by Victoria Garton
The 1st Day of a Long Winter by Paul Sohar
Again Alone by Johnna Crawford
Definition by Absence by Ryan Hartel
Meet the Press by Brian Daldorph
Battle of Wounded Knee by Lindsey Martin-Bowen
The Driver by Kathryn Atwood
Eternity by Kathy Allen


Nikole Baron
Carl Bettis
Madeline Bettis
Anne Calvert
Silvia Kofler
Philip Miller

Front Cover: photo by Eric Thomson, text by Carl Bettis, design by Carl Bettis & Anne Calvert (pdf file)