Publication and Submission Guidelines and Policies

  1. Submission mechanics
    1. Online submissions
      1. Short text-only works may be submitted through our online submission form. You may include html tags in the body of the work to indicate formatting. Very short works may be combined in a single submission form.
      2. Longer manuscripts and black-and-white artwork may be sent through email to
        1. For manuscripts, we prefer text pasted into the body of the e-mail message.
        2. Black-and-white artwork should be in GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP format. We may resize artwork to fit our page layout needs.
      3. Electronic submissions must include an email address where we can contact the author. Including a postal address is optional, but we must have this information before we can send a contributor's copy.
    2. Postal submissions
      1. Manuscripts and artwork should be sent to:
         The Same
         P.O. Box 494
         Mount Union, PA 17066
      2. Postal submissions that do not include a self-addressed envelope with adequate return postage will not be returned.
      3. Manuscripts should be legibly typed or printed. We prefer prose to be double-spaced and verse to be single-spaced.
      4. Black-and-white artwork should be scan-ready. We may resize artwork to fit our page layout needs.
  2. Deadlines and response times
    1. The Same is published twice a year.
    2. We try to respond to submissions within eight weeks. However, this is not always possible.
    3. In most cases, response will be in the same medium as the submission, i.e., we will generally respond to electronic submissions via email and to postal submissions through postal mail. However, we will try to honor requests to respond electronically to postal submissions.
  3. Publication rights and compensation
    1. Contributors receive one copy of the issue in which their work appears.
    2. The Same acquires FNASR (First North American Serial Rights). In addition, we reserve the right to publish works appearing in The Same on our website for up to 270 days.
    3. Upon publication, all rights with the exception of those specified above revert to the author.
    4. Should we ever wish to include works published in The Same in an anthology or other compilation, including electronic compilations, permission to do so will be negotiated separately with the authors.